No. 66: The Naivety Play

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From the Urban Myths column of The Guardian Weekend (18 Dec 1993)

Some friends of friends had a precocious eight-year-old who counted as his girlfriend a little girl who attended the same school.

During the Christmas term, the kids were selected for parts in the traditional Nativity play. The boy was extremely upset at the casting. His girlfriend landed the part of Mary, but he didnt get to play Joseph opposite her.

Nevertheless, he took his role seriously, and all the rehearsals went smoothly. Come the big night, all the parents were glowing with pride at the heart-warming performances.

Cushion-pregnant Mary and her husband Joseph duly arrived at the inn, and asked if there was any room for them for the night. It was the little boys big moment, and he did not disappoint.

You can come in Mary, he shouted, grabbing her by the arm, but Joseph can sod off.

Apparently, later in the same play, Mary was tending to the little doll, new-born in the manger, when one of the shepherds stutteringly asked what she was going to call the infant.

Mary thought hard for a minute. Then her face lit up, and she replied, Tracey.

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