No More Baby Talk!

On the first day of school, a 3rd grade teacher told her class: Now that you are grown up, I dont want to hear anymore baby talk. Id like each of you to tell us what you did during the summer vacation. Well start with Billy.

Billy: I went on a long trip with my family in the putt-putt.

Teacher: No, Billy, its not a putt-putt. Its a car. No more baby talk. Sally, youre next.

Sally: We went on a trip on a choo-choo to see Grandma.

Teacher: Sally, its not a choo-choo. Its a train. Please no more baby words. Mikey, what did you do?

Mikey: I didnt go anywhere. I stayed home and read my favorite book.

Teacher: And whats the name of the book.

Mikey looked embarrassed and shook his head.

Teacher: Come on, Mikey. Youre a big boy now. Tell us the name of the book and dont use any baby talk.

Mikey looked up, blushed, and said: O.K. ….. Winne-the-Shit!

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