Not the Sexiest Man Alive

From David Letterman – Tuesday, January 31, 1995

Top Ten Signs Youre Not The Sexiest Man Alive

10. When people see you, they often ask, Is it Halloween already?

9. You appear in TV Guide crossword puzzle with the clue, Siskel and ___

8. The best term to describe you is super hairy.

7. You parachuted into Super Bowl with a dog and a bag of pretzels.

6. Photos of you used as a birth-control device.

5. You take a stroll and the local zoo is flooded with calls about an escaped orangutan.

4. As you walk toward rack of Speedos, you hear clerks murmuring, Oh God, no.

3. Your name is Tom Wilkins and youre seated in the 6th row of the Ed Sullivan Theater.

2. Hookers always telling you Not on the first date.

1. Richard Simmons never follows you home.

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