Nuns in Transylvania (adult)

Two nuns are on vacation in Transylvania. Despite all the warnings to the contrary, theyve stayed out after dark. Sure enough, as theyre driving along, a vampire flies out of the night and lands on their windshield, hissing and baring his horrible bloody fangs.

Dear Lord! What shall we do? cries the first nun.

Turn on the windshield wipers. Maybe that will break his grip, answers the second nun.

No luck. Now the vampire is wet and angry. He claws at the windshield.

Now what shall we do? yells the first nun, getting even more scared.

Weave the car back and forth. Maybe hell fall off, says the second nun.

No luck. The vampire is beating on the glass now, and its starting to crack.

NOW WHAT!?!?! cries the first nun.

The second nun tries to remember how to get rid of vampires. She has a sudden flash of insight. Show him your cross! she yells, triumphantly.

The second nun sticks her head out the window and yells, Get off my car, you foul little vampire before I smack you with a ruler!

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