Odd Wedding Gifts

100 facecloths 25 darning needles any kind of keychain with something _way_ too big to fit in pocket or purse bag of potting mix box of legal size hanging file folders bucket of sand cat door cellophane tape and staples dairy for 1991 exquisitely wrapped house-brick framed photo of Richard Nixon (signed all the best for 73 – Rich) globe hat rack his and hers dishwashing liquid. map of West Brazil mixer (for the non-cooking couple) mobile modern art sculpture (plastic one that resembled pile of poop) nicely wrapped ream of photocopy paper one shoe receipt book salad shooter (this one is a classic 🙂 silver plated yo-yo (my sister got one of these) spice rack step ladder towel/bathrobe with someone elses name on it. towrope triangular prism paperweight (we got one of these)

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