Offensive License Plates

Michigans Secretary of State is under fire for recalling a vanity auto license plate that was deemed offensive.

The plate reads 4 RU486, a reference to the French abortion-inducing drug. Critics of the action point out that other vanity plates which could be considered offensive, such as CAL-GIRL, GSPOT, HORNY, HUMP, I124Q, JUGS and NADS, have not been recalled.

Then theres Theresa Watt; shes had her name on her plate for 20 years: TWATT.

A state spokeswoman said that 4 RU486 was recalled under the illegal activity or substance portion of the license plate law, but the critics retort that neither RU486 nor abortion is illegal. (AP)

… Nor is it illegal to be horny, to have a G-spot.

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