Offensive to toothbrush salesmen. (Contains the defecation word… Beware!)

Once upon a time, there was a convention for toothbrush salesmen. When it came time to award the prize for the most toothbrushes sold for the past year, everyone was surprised by the salesperson who won. He was a shy, timid, retiring type, not your typical salesman at all.

Everyone was dying to know his secret, so he shared it with them.

I set up a booth, he says, in the mall. I have a stack of plates, a bowl of chips, a bowl of dip, and a bowl full of our toothbrushes.

When people walk by, I say would you like to try some chips? And would you like some dip with that?

No one passes up free food, so of course, I get lots of takers. After trying the dip, they ALWAYS say, This dip tastes like shit! And I say, It is. Would you like to buy a toothbrush???

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