Once Upon A Time…

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Theres this king in a far away land, revered and respected by his people and known for his generosity all around. He had a very beautiful wife, the pride of the land. It was said that even the moon would shy away from the sky when she came out into the night.

The king loved her deeply, and couldnt stay away from her for even a moment. It was not surprising, therefore, when the king had to go to battle to help a neighbouring land, he was very sad about leaving her alone. But she, like a good wife, built his confidence, and said: Go, duty beckons you. I shall be fine.

And so he went, only to find out that he was not needed, and the enemy had already been routed. Ecstatic at being reunited with his wife sooner than he thought, he rushed back to the palace, and went straight into the bedroom. To his astonishment, he found his wife lying naked in bed, and his most trusted Prime Minister on top of her, giving gratification. Enraged at the bitter betrayal, he pulled out his gleaming sword from its sheath, and proceeded towards the bed, screaming: Get off, you swine!

The Prime Minister, obviously startled at being caught, stumbled off the bed, his still erect penis glistening in the moonlight through the window.

This enraged the king even further, who attacked the traitors organ with his sword, only to hear a resounding Clang as the metal bounced off the reddened male hardness. Surprised, the King had another go… Clang! The Kings amazement knew no bounds, at something which so defied logic, and so he tried again. This time, the sword, not being able to withstand the shearing stress, broke into two, and fell to the floor.

Moral of the story – Pen is mightier than the sword!

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