One of my personal favourites

Scenario: A bishop (B) and a rabbi (R) are sharing a train compartment. After
a short while, the two men of the cloth start relating some of their
past life experiences…

(General conversation…)

B: So tell me, rabbi, have you ever actually tasted ham?

R: Well yes, in fact. Once when I was very young and daring, I
tried it. But only the once…

(short pause)

R: So tell me bishop, have you ever … enjoyed the comforts of a
young woman?

B: Well, ahem, yes… before I took my vows, mind you, when I was
not so old and not so wise…

[another short pause]

R: Zo, its better than ham, hmm?

[Ed: If somebody hadnt sent this one out, I would have done it myself,
eventually. ]

John Henshaw

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