Pain Relief

A man walks in for a sale rep job. He is very qualitfied, but he has a nervous twitch, and his left eye is always winking.

So he speaks with the manager and the manager says, Well sir, you are very well qualified for the job, but people have to be comfortable around a sales rep. and that eye thing is really freaky.

The man smiles and says,Oh that, I just take some Tylenol and it goes away. So the man reaches into his pocket and pulls out a condom, he takes several more condoms out and finally finds some Tylenol. He takes two Tylenol and the eye twitch goes away.

The manager frowns, Sir, Im sorry but our company does not like womanizers. I dont like the look of all those condoms.

The man chuckles, Oh, Im no womanizer… but do you know how hard it is to buy Tylenol at a drug store with your eye contantly winking?

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