Parrot gets around

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Yet another parrot joke:

Last week a woman entered a local pet-shop with the intention of purchasing
a talking bird. However, it seems a lot of people are going to receive
talking parrots for Christmas this year, as the shopkeeper had sold her
entire stock of speaking pets, except for one rather attractive Macaw.
It turned out that this bird had lived in the local massage parlour prior
to being sold to the pet-shop. Despite this the woman purchased the Macaw
and took him home to show the family. As soon as she had the bird settled
on a perch at her home he looked around and said:

Arrrk, new joint, new madam! Arrrk!

Later that day the womans two daughters arrived home from high school.
Upon seeing the teenagers the Macaw yelled:

Arrrk, new joint, new madam, new girls! Arrrk!

Then father came home from the office and when our feathered friend saw him
the bird squawked:

Arrrk, new joint, new madam, new girls, same old customers. Gday Jimmy!

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