Grandma & Grampa are sitting there watching TV when Grandpa decides
hes hungry for some ice cream.

Hey, Grandma – Im gonna head to the kitchen and get myself a dish
of ice cream. You want I should get you some, too?

Sure, Grandpa, sounds good. But you better write down what youre
going out there for or else youll forget. replies Grandma.

I will not! retorts Grandpa. In fact, tell me what you want on it
and Ill show you I can remember that, too.

OK, says Grandma, Ill have some chocolate sauce. But youre
gonna forget…

Grandpa heads out to the kitchen and disappears for about 20 or 30
minutes, accompanied by a cacaphonous banging of pots and pans.
Finally he emerges, carrying a plate of scrambled eggs.

See there, Grandpa. I told you youd forget! chides Grandma.

Whaddya mean, forget, Grandma? What did I forget? demands Grandpa.

You fool, says Grandma. You forgot my bacon!

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