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Overnight, Gov. Elect Jesse Ventura announced various appointments to his new administration.

Press Secretary – Mean Gene Okerlund
Agriculture Commissioner – Kenny The Sodbuster Jay
Chairman of 7 County Mosquito Control District – Jimmy Super Fly Snuka
Education Commissioner – Bobby The Brain Heenan
National Guard Adjutant General – Sargeant Slaughter
Transportation Commissioners – The Road Warriors
Commissioner of the Arts – Rock and Roll Buck Zumhofe
Chairman, Govs Council on Physical Fitness – Jerry Blackwell
Animal Rights Commissioner – Mad Dog Vachon
State Title IX Coordinator – Macho Man Randy Savage
Tribal Affairs Commissioner – Wahoo McDaniel
Co-Chairs, State Recycling Program – Junkyard Dog and Ray The Crusher Stevens
Highway Maintenance Engineer – Dusty Rhodes
Trade Envoy to Japan – Mr. Fuji
State Treasurer – The Million Dollar Man Ted Diebiase
Chief of Staff and Mentor – Vern Gagne
State Gaming Commissioner – Black Jack Lanza
Timber Commission Chairman – Larry The Axe Henning
Winter Carnival Coordinator – Stone Cold Steve Austin

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