Questions without answers

Why are the first three letters of diet DIE? No wonder this diet is killing me.

If your second doctor has a different opinion, does that make a paradox?

If you have two dimes, is that a new paradigm?

If you have two different viewpoints simultaneously is that a parasites?

If you hire two lawyers, does that mean that both lawyers could be replaced by one paralegal?

If you shoot two deer in one day is that called a parachute?

If you are lax about something, and then are lax about it again is that called a relax?

Do two normal people make one paranormal?

When somebody tells me to restrain myself, does that me I have to strain twice?

If you are a complete pessimist, does this mean you are positively negative?

When a person rewrites a poem to make it better, does that mean he is reversing himself?

When Bach or Beethoven erased a manuscript to make changes, were they decomposing?

Are two dice a paradise?

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