Red Button

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There was this guy who was on airplane, he had to go to the bathroom really bad.. Well everytime he would go to the bathroom someone was always in it.So he finally asked the flight attendant if he could use the ladies room.
She said, well sir Im not sure if that would be a good idea,you see there are buttons in there.

He says ,Oh please please I really have to go and I promise I wont push any buttons.

So she tells him go ahead,just dont push any buttons. So he goes in there hes sitting on the toilet doing his duty. Well he looks over and sees three buttons. One is yellow,one is red and one is green. He pushes the yellow button and out comes water and sprays his behind.He thinks wow that felt good, Ill press the red button.So he pushes the red button and out comes a powder puff and dries him off and powders him.So then he pushes the green button.. He passes out and wakes up in hospital. He looks up at the flight attendant and she says you pushed the green button didnt you?

He knods.. He said What happened? She said The green button was an Automatic Tampon Remover,your dick is laying under your pillow

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