Religions of the world

Poza publicata in [ Foul Language ]

TAOISMShit happens
HARE KRISHNAShit happens rama rama ding ding
HINDUISMThis shit happened before
ISLAMIf shit happens, it is the will of Allah
ZENWhat is the sound of shit happening?
BUDDHISMWhen shit happens, is it really shit?
CONFUCIANISMConfucius say, Shit happens
7th DAY ADVENTISMShit happens on Saturdays
PROTESTANTISMShit wont happen if I work hard
CATHOLICISMIf shit happens, I deserve it
JEHOVAHS WITNESSKnock, knock. Shit happens.
UNITARIANISMWhat is this shit?
MORMONISMShit happens again & again & again.
JUDAISMWhy does this shit always happen to me?
RASTAFARIANISMLets smoke this shit!

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