Rich maadu in New York !

A maadu named Hariharan lived in New York city. Once he went to a bank to request a loan of $5000 as he was about to leave for a business trip to Europe. The bank agreed for the loan but asked for a guarantee. The maadu immediately handed the bank manager the keys to his brand new rolls royce that was parked downstairs. The bank people agreed and parked the rolls royce in their parking lot. The maadu took the $5000 and went to Europe. He returned after a week. The bank asked him $12.50 interest on the loan. The maadu payed the amount and the interest and was about to leave before the bank manager stopped him for a minute. The manager told the maadu that he was pleased to do business with the maadu but he also told that, sir,we checked your accounts and we came to know that you are a millionaire,then why did you borrow just $5000 from us? the maadu replied, its not the $5000 that matter ,what matters is that I couldnt have found a parking for my car in $12.50 for 1 week.

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