Rubbit the Rabbit

A guy goes down south to be a farmer because its his life long dream. So he buys a piece of land and goes down there. Now all he needs are the animals. So he goes into a store and asks the clerk for a rooster to wake him up every morning.

The clerk says, We dont call em roosters, we call em cocks.

Okay the man says. Ill take a cock and a rabbit for the farm.

We pronounce it rubbit says the clerk.

Okay, Ill take those two things and a mule to carry them home.

We dont call em mules, we call em asses and every time the ass stops walkin, just scratch behind his ear.

So the man walks out of the store with the three animals. Hes walking home when all of a sudden the mule stops.

The man sees a lady passing by and asks, Can you hold my cock and rubbit while I scratch my ass?

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