Rush Limbaugh as TV Wrestler.

I personally have never taken seriously a college dropout who wandered
america in search of a job until he became the prophet of the angry right.
But anyway, I was thinking. ( a dangerous activity)

What is the difference between Rush Limbaugh and a TV Wrestler?


TV Wrestler Rush

Male As far as we know.

White (usually) As far as we know.

Fat Definitely

Wears tight suits Yep.

Roars to adoring crowds. UnHuh.

Sponsored by obscure Sponsored by chain of
companies. Tall and Fat Stores.

Always on TV. yep.

Usually on Obscure yep.

Appeals to bizarre Probably.
audience segment.

Doesnt seem to accom-
plish much but make money. yep.

Engages in low brow stunts. Yep.

Entertains more then informs. yep.

Well, I guess if he wants to the WWF always has room for him.
Maybe he could become a conservative TV Wrestler. Loud Man.
he would wear a black and white suit and shout at all the bad

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