Rushing to see the gynecologist

One day a woman had a 11:00am appointment at the gynecologist office and got woke out of bed around 8:30 by the phone and it was the gynecologist office saying that her appointment had been pushed up to 9:30.

Most woman take extra time to wash up on days that they have an appointment, but not today. She ran into the bathroom and found her daughters washcloth on the sink and did the quick rub down, raced over to the office and got undressed and got onto the table with her legs spread in the leg racks.

The doctor comes in and says Wow, we spent extra time to clean up today!

The woman was so embarrassed she says nothing and concludes the exam. She goes home and later that day her daughter asks her where her washcloth is and the mother says Just get another one!

The daughter says No mom you dont understand, that is the one with my face glitter and sparkles in it.

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