Saskatchewan Computer Terms

Log on — Make the wood stove hotter

Log off — Dont add no more wood

Monitor — Keep an eye on that wood stove

Download — Getting the firewood off the truck

Floppy disk — What you get from trying to carry too much firewood

Ram — The thing that splits the firewood

Hard drive — Getting home in the winter

Prompt — What the mail aint in the winter

Window — What to shut when its cold outside

Screen — What to shut in black fly season

Byte — What the black flies do

Bit — What the black flies did

Mega Byte — What the BIG black flies do chip Munchies for TV

Micro Chip — Whats left in the bag after you eat the chips

Modem — What you did to the hay fields

Dot matrix — Old Dan Matrixs wife

Lap top — Where the kitty sleeps

Software — The dumb plastic knives & forks they give you at McDonalds

Hardware — The real stainless steel cutlery.

Mouse — What eats grain in the barn

Main frame — What holds the barn up

Enter — City talk for – come on in, eh?

Web — What a spider makes

Web — Site The barn or the attic

Cursor — Someone who swears

Search Engine — What you do when the car dies

Screen Saver — A repair kit for the torn window screen

Home Page — A map you keep in your back pocket just in case you get lost in the field.

Upgrade — Steep hill.

Server — The person at the ABC that brings the food.

Mail Server — The guy at the ABC that brings the food.

MSDOS — Some new disease they discovered.

Sound Card — One of them technological birthday cards that plays music when you open it.

User — The neighbor who keeps borrowing stuff.

Browser — What they call you when your eye brows grow together.

Network — When you have to repair your fishing net.

Internet — Complicated fish net repair method.

Netscape — When a fish maneuvers out of reach.

Online — When you get the laundry hung out on the washline.

Offline — The clothes pins let go and the laundry falls on the ground.

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