Sex and mothers in law

I heard these somewhere:

Minnie and Max had been married for 18 years. As Minnie grew
older and less attractive, Max became disinterested and his
libido started to wane dramatically. In desperation, Minnie
hauled him before a marriage counselor. The marriage counselor
listened patiently to Minnies complaints and to Maxs
protestations. Max said he was being nagged unmercifully
Minnie said that Max was causing her anguish.

Finally the marriage counselor issued a verdict. Max, he said,
from now on, no matter how you feel, you must give Minnie her
conjugal rights at least semi-annually.

Minnie was delighted and they left the counselors chambers.
On the way downstairs she nudged Max, Tell me Max, how many
times a week is semi-annually?

Deep in the Tennessee hills, a farmers mule kicked his mother-in-law
to death. An enormous crowd of men turned out for the funeral.
The minister, examining the crowd outside the church, commented
to a farmer friend, This old lady must have been mighty popular.
Just look how many people left their work to come to her funeral.

Theyre not here for the funeral, snickered the friend.
Theyre here to buy the mule.

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