Sex joke about superhypersensitive man

A Mr. Dillon walks into a psychiatrists office with his wife. She tells him All he ever thinks about it sex, sex, sex, and Im tired of it!!! Weve been to 3 other doctors, and they couldnt help, so now its in your hands.

The wife leaves, and the doctor starts right in. The doctor tries to get him to talk about his childhood, but it he soon starts talking about

Next he tries to get Mr. Dillon to talk about his job, but once again, the talk turns to sex. The good doctor tries a variety of approaches:

Hobbies – Sex!

Sports – Sex!

Fishing – Sex!

Dreams – Sex!

He even tries the inkblot test, but to no avail. – Sex!

At this, the doctor believes he has hit on something – That every subject has been too general; So he decides to show him pictures of specific things.

First, he shows him a picture of a car. – Sex!

Next, a picture of a boat. – Sex!

A house. – Sex!

A tree. – Sex!

At this point, the doctor has had enough. He shouts: How can you think of sex when I show you a picture of a house!?! Or a tree!?! I can understand a car or a boat, But a house or a tree!?!?!

Mr Dillon looks at him and says: What are you yelling at me for, Doc – Youre the one with all the dirty pictures!!!

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