Sex Test

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(This has been kicking around for so long that I have absolutely no idea
of its origin.)

Documentation Sex Quiz

1. What are the fallopian tubes?
a. Bicycle tires
b. A subway in Italy
c. All of the above

2. What is a urethra?
a. A female black singer
b. The opposite of myrethra
c. Something you hang on your door for Chrithmeth

3. What is an ovary?
a. A book written by Flaubert
b. A passing grade at school
c. A famous WWII song

4. What is fellatio?
a. A person who collects stamps
b. Mr. Hornblowers first name
c. A non-dairy whipped topping popular in Italy

5. What is a testicle?
a. A test to see if youre ticklish
b. One of the two parts of the Bible
c. An octopus arm

6. What is cunnilingus?
a. A form of pasta
b. The language of love
c. An Irish airline

7. What is a gonad?
a. A cheer for NAD high school
b. A person who wanders from place to place
c. A Moody Blues song

8. What is a vulva?
a. A Swedish car
b. The punching bag in your throat
c. An engine part

9. What is a seminal vesicle?
a. An Indian boat
b. A priests retreat
c. A discussion on the subject of veins and arteries

12. What is a penis?
a. A salty snack you have with beer
b. A Charles Shultz comic strip
c. Liberace

Boner Question: What is an Anus?
a. Part of a famous black comedy team
b. A planet–home of Superman
c. A herbaceous plant

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