Shakespearian Computer Story

Through infinite myst, software reverberates

In code possessd of invisible folly.

Wilt thou dare interface

With thy Apple Macintosh keypad

By toggling my tweaky bosom?


Leave laserjet laughter to the laptop lover.

Behold beta beauty in a keyboards keen kindness.

Now yet torment thy melancholy hardware

By always vexing the amorous flame

Of thine model motherboard.

This tyrant widget conceals scuzzy games

And pleasure treasured dear:

Then kiss me.

Celestial evils idolatrous template within AOL

Will deceive some cybersex users

And email cancel our service.

Tis a rare tongue

That many maiden bugs command,

Revealing bounteous distress,

Trashing bold memory:

Click and crash gloriously.

Weep not, beauteous Microsoft!

Hereafter reboot.

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