Shit List

The Ghost Shit
The kind where you feel shit come out, see shit on the toilet paper, but
theres no shit in the bowl.

The Clean Shit
The kind where you feel shit come out, see shit in the bowl, but theres no
shit on the toilet paper.

The Wet Shit
You wipe your ass fifty times and it still feels unwiped. So you end up
putting toilet paper between your ass and your underwear so you dont ruin them
with those dreadful skid marks.

The Second Wave Shit
This shit happens when youve finished, your pants are up to your knees, and
you suddenly realize you have to shit some more.

The Brain Hemorrahage Through Your Nose Shit
Also known as Pop a Vein in Your Forehead Shit. You have to strain so much
to get it out that you turn purple and practically have a stroke.

The Corn Shit
No explanation necessary.

The Lincoln Log Shit
The kind of shit thats so enormous youre afraid to flush it down without
first breaking it up into little pieces with the toilet brush.

The Nororius Drinker Shit
The kind of shit you have the morning after a long night of drinking. Its
most noticeable trait is the tread mark left on the bottom of the toilet bowl
after you flush.

The Gee, I Really Wish I Could Shit Shit
The kind where you want to shit, but even after straining your guts out, all
you can do is sit on the toilet, cramped and farting.

The Wet Cheeks Shit
Also known as the Power Dump. Thats the kind that comes out of your ass
so fast that your butt cheeks get splashed with the toilet water.

The Liquid Shit
Thats the kind where yellowish-brown liquid shoots out of your butt,
splashes all over the side of the toilet bowl and, at the same time, chronically
burns your tender poop-chute.

The Mexican Food Shit
A class all its own.

The Crowd Pleaser
This shit is so intriguing in size and/or appearance that you have to show
it to someone before flushing.

The Mood Enhancer
This shit occurs after a lengthy period of constipation, thereby allowing
you to be your old self again.

The Ritual
This shit occurs at the same time each day and is accomplished with the aid
of a newspaper.

The Guinness Book Of Records Shit
A shit so noteworthy it should be recorded for future generations.

The Aftershock Shit
This shit has an odour so powerful than anyone entering the vicinity within
the next seven hours is affected.

The Honeymoons Over Shit
This is any shit created in the presence of another person.

The Groaner
A shit so huge it cannot exit without vocal assistance.

The Floater
Characterized by its floatability, this shit has been known to resurface
after many flushings.

The Ranger
A shit which refuses to let go. It is usually necessary to engage in a
rocking or bouncing motion, but quite often the only solution is to push it away
with a small piece of toilet paper.

The Phantom Shit
This appears in the toilet mysteriously and no one will admit to putting it

The Peek-A-Boo Shit
Now you see it, now you dont. This shit is playing games with you.
Requires patience and muscle control.

The Bombshell
A shit that comes as a complete surprise at a time that is either
inappropriate to shit (i.e. during lovemaking or a root canal) or you are
nowhere near shitting facilities.

The Snake Charmer
A long skinny shit which has managed to coil itself into a frightening
position – usually harmless.

The Olympic Shit
This shit occurs exactly one hour prior to the start of any competitive
event in which you are entered and bears a close resemblance to the Drinkers

The Back-To-Nature Shit
This shit may be of any variety but is always deposited either in the woods
or while hiding behind the passenger side of your car.

The Pebbles-From-Heaven Shit
An adorable collection of small turds in a cluster, often a gift from God
when you actually cant shit.

Premeditated Shit
Laxative induced. Doesnt count.

Fear of shitting – can be fatal!

Energizer Vs. Duracell Shit
Also known as a Still Going shit.

The Power Dump Shit
The kind that comes out so fast, you barely get your pants down when youre

The Liquid Plumber Shit
This kind of shit is so big it plugs up the toilet and it overflows all over
the floor. (You should have followed the advice from the Lincoln Log Shit.)

The Spinal Tap Shit
The kind of shit that hurts so much coming out, youd swear its got to be
coming out sideways.

The I Think Im Giving Birth Through My Asshole Shit
Similar to the Lincoln Log and The Spinal Tap Shits. The shape and size of
the turd resembles a tall boy beer can. Vacuous air space remains in the rectum
for some time afterwards.

The Porridge Shit
The type that comes out like toothpaste, and just keeps on coming. You have
two choices: a) flush and keep going, or b) risk it piling up to your butt while
you sit there helpless.

The Im Going To Chew My Food Better Shit
When the bag of Doritos you ate last night lacerates the insides of your
rectum on the way out in the morning.

The I Think Im Turning Into A Bunny Shit
When you drop lots of cute, little round ones that look like marbles and
make tiny splashing sounds when they hit the water.

The What The Hell Died In Here? Shit
Also sometimes referred to as The Toxic Dump. Of course you dont warn
anyone of the poisonous bathroom odour. Instead, you stand innocently near the
door and enjoy the show as they run out gagging and gasping for air.

The I Just Know Theres A Turd Still Dangling There Shit
Where you just sit there patiently and wait for the last cling-on to drop
off because if you wipe now, its going to smear all over the place.

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