Shouting contest in Tokyo, Japan

They had a shouting contest recently in Tokyo (the article I read was dated Dec 15).

1st prize: I will do karate for the rest of my life!
25-year-old Hiroyuki Sugano was slightly louder than a a car horn from 6 feet.

2nd: Tomi-baby, let me cut your eyebrows!
Mamiko Kobayashi, 20-year-old co-ed referring to the bushy-browed prime minister of Japan.

Unique Prize: Stop smooching on the train! Why dont you people go home!
Tomoyuki Fukumura, 104.7-decibel reference to the public kissing trend.

I want work!
Yuriko Shimode, comic artist

Its so cold in winter – buy me a stove!
Hideki Matsui

I couldnt sleep this summer because it was so hot and I didnt have an air conditioner!
Koji Fukuda

There are couples all through my town at Christmas time! Hey Santa, next time bring me a girlfriend!
Tsunehiro Miyazaki (Christmas is a time for a glamorous date in Japan.)

Im sick of being a Single Bell at Christmas!
Reiji Toma

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