On the topic of slugs: (this is a true story)

About 2 years ago, there was a big flap when a 6 year old boy and his
3 year old sister disappeared from their home. The police searched,
the parents freaked, and the media-types looked solemn as they announced
that there was still no trace of the children. The kids showed up a few
days later. It seems that they had run away from home due to some dispute
over second helpings of Ovaltine or some such. The funny part was when
the media-type was interviewing the boy.

Interviewer: Werent you cold at night?

Boy: Naw. We just slept under a porch.

Interviewer: Didnt you get hungry? What did you eat?

Boy: Slugs.

Interviewer: (Turning a delightful shade of green but still game.)
How did you eat them?

Boy: We boiled them in some aluminum foil we stole. They
taste kind of like chicken …

Interviewer: (Going a deeper green.) Back to you, Cathy..

Now there is a real survivalist. Having eaten escargot, (once), Im of the
opinion that snails are just slugs in dress clothes.

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