So, do you wanna fish

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A game warden spots a young lad walking down the street with 30 large catfish in his arms. He stops and asks the young fellow where he managed to catch all those fish. The young boy points and says just over yonder. The game warden says boy, Ive been fishing around these parts for years….and I never got those many fish…..can I go fishing with you tomorrow? The boy gladly says yes and asked the warden to join him first thing in the morning by a certain area.

The next morning the warden and the young boy head out. The boy rows the boat out 50 feet and then stops. The warden asks what he was doing and the boy says this is where we are going to fish. The warden says Ive fished here before and never got many fish. It was then that the little boy pulls a stick of dynamite out of a box, lights it and throws it out into the water. A loud explosion follows and many dead fish float to the surface. The game warden is amazed and angry and says to the boy, that he cant do that and that he will have to arrest the young lad for fishing that way.

The young lad calmly pulls out another stick of dynamite, lights it, and hands it to the game warden and says…..whatca going to do…bitch about it…..or fish.

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