Some Little Moron stories

From Little Moron Stories by Ernest W. Baughman, Hoosier Folklore Bulletin 1943. – Quoted in B.A. Botkin (ED) A Treasury of American Folklore, Newyork: Crown Publishers, 1944.

Little moron was painting the house when another one came up and said, Got a good hold on that brush?


Well, if you are sure you got a good hold on that brush Ill borrow your ladder for a second.

O.K. but dont keep it long. The handle of this paint brush is kind of slippery.

Little morons wife send him down town after a bucket of ice. He came back with a pail of water. I got this for half price because it was melted.

Little moron took two slices of bread and went down and sat on the street corner waiting for the traffic jam. A big truck came along and gave him a jar.

Q: Why did the little moron go to the lumber yard?

A: To look for his draft board.

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