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Two guys decide to go on a hunting trip. When there friend hears about it, he begges to go. The two men are skeptical, because every time there friend goes, he scares away all the game. The friend promises that if he is allowed to go, he will stay at the camp site, because he likes to camp more than hunt. They agree and they start on their trip.

Once camp is set up, the two men decide to go hunt, and their friend stays behind. After several hours they finally spot a ten point buck, but a shrill scream scares the buck away. The two men run back to camp, only to find their friend standing there looking up into the trees.

Whats wrong? They asked.

Yeah, you scared off our game.

Im sorry, fellas. I didnt screm when the snake fell out of the tree and wrapped aound my neck. I didnt yell when the bear came out of the woods and mauled me nearly to death. But those SQUIRELS…

What had happened to the poor man was that two squirels had climbed up his pants leg. The first squirel asked the second, Do we eat them NOW, or do we take them HOME?.

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