Strange awards in business arena

This a new month. Which means its time to once again look at the things people do in search of a buck. Yep, its Weird Business News.

Our Best Stock Symbol Award this time to Schlotzskys, the Austin-based sandwich shop chain. You can find its price on the Nasdaq listings under BUNZ.

The Best Millennium Event for Elvis Fans – the 1999 Millennium Elvis Week Aug. 8 through 16 at Memphis, in which Elvis will be recognized – albeit by the people who make and sell his records – as the Artist of the Century.

Our It Sounds Dirty Even If It Isnt Award to Douglas R. Nappi, a vice president for government relations at the New York Stock Exchange. Nappi was complaining about those who hack into sites that provide stock quotes without paying for the service. Nappi calls it quote sucking.

The One Million and One Uses for Duct Tape Award to former astronaut and U.S. Sen. John Glenn. In a recent speech in Avon, Ohio, Glenn revealed that astronauts have used the tape in space. Most common use – taping trays to flat surfaces so their food is easier to eat.

Copied from Houston Chronicle Columnist, Jim Barlow

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