Sure is dark in here, isnt it?

A bored housewife in suburbia is entertaining her lover in bed one day as, unknown to them, her nine-year-old son is taking it all in from her bedroom closet. As luck would have it, the husband arrives home unexpectedly from the office and the surprised wife shoves her lover into the closet.

Son says to lover, Sure is dark in here, isnt it?

After jumping out of his skin and crawling back in, the lover replied that it was.

Would you like to buy a flashlight? asks the boy. The lover said he didnt think so.

Sure would be bad if dad found out about this, observed the boy. The lover enquired as to how much the boy wanted for the flashlight and agreed to pay the $25.00 price.

Two weeks later, same housewife, same lover, same boy in the closet when husband again arrives home unexpectedly. Wife shoves lover into closet and son says, Sure is dark in here, isnt it? Would you like to buy a fishing rod?

The lover agrees to pay the $50. price for the boys fishing rod and his silence.

Weekend arrives and father asks son if he would like to go fishing. Son replies, Cant, dad; sold my fishing rod.

Dad says, That old thing? How much did you get for it?

When the son told him $50., dad proceeds to give him a stern lecture on morality and ethics and demands that he go to confession that very day.

The son goes into this big church, enters the confessional, and pulls the curtain closed. He says, Sure is dark in here, isnt it?

The priest replied, Oh no, were not going through that again!

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