Tasks for easy Cash

A man walks into bar, sits on a nearby stool and ganders at a large jug of money. Upon pondering, he asks the bartender, How much money is in there?

The bartender, with a gentle smile replied, 26,000,000..

The man jumped up with his eyes about ready to emerge from their sockets. He asked, So is it for the poor? Or is it lika a charity?

The bartender shook his head.No no no! That money is for the first person to complete three tasks.

A little curious, the man said, Is that so? Well, Im sure I could get them done, so what are they?

Grinning slightly, the bartender replied, First task: You must chug down a 5 gallon bucket of beer. Second task: You must pull a rotten tooth from a wolf with rabies. Then for your final task, you must have sex with a 100 year old grandmother located upstairs.

The man gulped a little, but replied, Well, that still sounds like a deal!

The man chugged down the 5 gallon bucket of beer. Woozy, he told the bartender to take him out to the wolf with rabies. Leave me here! This could get rough, the man said in a fluury of slurred words, as the bartender let him go and walked back in to tend to the custumers.

Minutes later he heard the wolf yelping and crying out. Man, he must really have a thing with animals. Hes probably pulled that tooth right out.

The bartender looked up in wonder as the man stumbled through the door and yelled in a drunken voice, Now wheres that old lady with the rotten tooth?

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