Teaching the status quo.

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Scene – A grade one classroom on a warm summer

Teacher: We are going to have a spelling
competition this afternoon. Anyone who can spell a
word correctly can go home early. Well start with
Mary. What did you do at lunchtime?

Mary: I played in the sand-pit.

Teacher: Mary, can you spell pit?

Mary: P . . . I . . . T?

Teacher: Very good, you may go. Now Tommy, what
did you you do at lunch?

Tommy: I was playing with my toy car.

Teacher: Tommy, can you spell car?

Tommy: C . . A . . R

Teacher: Very good, you may go. Now Johnny, why
are you crying?

Johnny: (sniff) Cause Tommy and Mary wouldnt
play with me at lunchtime, just cause Im black

Teacher: My my. Thats racial prejudice. Johnny,
can you spell racial prejudice?

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