Thanks for the Subliminals

[Ed: Picked this up from rec.arts.movies, where a discussion of subliminal
ads in movies ensues. ]

I would like to thank all of the folks who emailed me about the subliminal
Pepsi ads in Top Gun. As was pointed out more than once, here and in mail,
the advertisements arent really subliminal if you can perceive them conciously.
<drink Pepsi> I know what subliminal means <drink Pepsi> as opposed to
superliminal, or ultraliminal, or megaliminal, or liminal, or whatever the
correct phraseology is. <you love Pepsi> This kind of advertisement, though,
while not totally invisible <drink Pepsi> is still real hard to see… Ive
seen Top Gun a total of six times now, and never noticed the Pepsi tray until
my sixth time, on cable. After running the tape back thru again, I could tell
that the Pepsi <drink drink drink Pepsi> logo was really there–not just a
red-white-and-blue <Pepsi> smear.

Perhaps we need a new phrase for this half-overt advertising <bathe in Pepsi>.
I propose the term mood-advertising, or perhaps musak-vertising … something
which while there, you have to concentrate to perceive <Pepsi sex>. Once we
put a name to this dread disease, we can set about finding a cure.

Gosh, Im thirsty.

David Paulsen …uunet.UU.NET!nuchat!seven

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