The Bathroom Military (off. to Marines / explicit language!)

Source – Some sick demented BMC I used to know…

A Sailor and a Marine are taking a leak in the head. The Sailor finishes and goes for the door. The Marine finishes and heads for the sink.

He calls out to the Sailor, Hey! Aren t you going to wash you hand? In The Corps they taught us to wash up afterwards.

The Sailor replies, Well, in the Navy they just told us not to piss on our hands.

A Marine walks in to the head. A little boy who was on his way out looks at him, smiles, and asks, Are you a REAL Marine?

The Marine replies, Why yes I am son… Say – you want to wear my hat?

The boy replies, Sure mister!, and put the hat on his head. As the Marine entered a stall the boy placed himself on guard duty by the door. Shortly, a Sailor entered the head.

The little boy again looked up, smiled, and asked, Are you a REAL Sailor?

The Sailor replied, Why yes I am… You wanna suck my dick?

The little boy quickly took the hat off his head and said, Oh no – Im not a real Marine – Im just wearing his hat!

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