The Blonde and the Shepherd

There was this blonde girl who had gotten fed up with blonde jokes, so she decided to dye her hair black.

So she did, and she was sooooo happy with it that she went to her car and drove around just to show off her new look. She was coming up to this intersection when she saw a shepeherd by the road waiting to cross with his flock of lambs. The girl stopped and waved him to pass.

While the flock was crossing the road, she asked the shepherd – If I can guess how many sheep you got there, would you give me one?

He thought about the offer for a minute and decided it was ok. The girl looked at the flock and exclaimed 487. The shepherd said WOW! Thats right…well…take any sheep you like…a deals a deal

So she gets the animal and happily puts him in the back of her car, when the shepehrd says WAIT!

Now I have a deal for you…. if I guess the real color of your hair can I have my dog back?

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