The Bowl of Chili

Well, there was this truck driver that had been driving all day and hadnt stopped for lunch or anything and he was getting REAL hungry. He sees this diner and pulls in, walks up to the counter and sits down by this old biker who was staring at a steaming bowl of chili.

The waitress comes up and asks the trucker what hell have and he looks at that chili and says, Lady, I am starving to die, here, that chili looks good, Ill have that.

The waitress goes off and comes back with the truckers steamy bowl of chili that he promptly gulps down. Not satisfied yet, he looks over at the biker who is still staring at his chili. The trucker tells him, hey, Im still kind of hungry, if youre not gonna eat that, may I? and the biker slides the bowl of chili toward the trucker.

Well, the trucker takes his time with this bowl. He gets about half way down and theres this big greasy dog turd in the bowl. The trucker proceeds to barf everything back into the bowl and the biker says, yep, thats as far as I got, too!

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