The boy and grandpa

A little boy and his grandpa were sitting in a boat fishing. After a few minuets the grandpa pulled out a beer. The little boy whispered..

Hey grandpa, no ones around can I have some?

The Grandpa thought a moment then said, Well, does dick reach your asshole?


The Grandpa smiled, then you cant have one.

Later on the Grandpa lit up a ciggarette. The little boy asked again, Hey Grandpa, no one will ever find out, can I try it?

The grandpa replied, Does your reach dick your asshole?

The boy frowned, No.

Then you cant try it.

The Grandpa was feeling quite proud with himself when the boy pulled out a package of fresh baked cookies. He felt like he had earned it so he said to the boy, Hey sonny pass one of those over here.

The boy sat for a moment looking at the bag, then smiled and said, That depends, does your dick reach your asshole?

The Grandpa laughed and said, Why yes it does.

To this the boy replied, Then you can go fuck yourself, cause Grandma made these cookies for me!

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