The Duck Hunt

One day a man went hunting for ducks. When he was done he was going to his Chevy and he got a vist from The Game Warden.

The Warden said Hey Sir,what ya huntin?

The man said Ducks.

The Warden said Did ya have any luck?

He said Got 3.

The Warden said Let Me see them. The Warden stuck his finger up the ducks butt,smelled it and said This duck is from Ohio, do you have a stamp for it?

The Man gave him the stamp.

The Warden picked up the 2nd duck did the same thing and said Kentuky duck, got a stamp?

The man gave him the stamp.

The Warden did the same thing with the last duck and said Canada duck. Stamp?

The man gave him the stamp.

Then the Warden said Where you from anyway?

The man pulled down his pants and said Youre the expert, you tell me!

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