The Farm

A farmer had three sons. One day, his oldest came to him and said that since he was graduating high school, he would really like to get a car.
His father said, Son, come here. He took him to the barn, pointed to the tractor and said, This tractor is needed for the farm and I promise, as soon as its paid for, well get you a car. The boy was not too happy, but was understanding. A week later, his second son approached him, wanting a motorcycle. Well, the father said, as soon as the tractor is paid for well see about getting you your scooter. Shortly after, his youngest was bugging him for a bike. Again, the father gave him the lecture about the tractor needing to be paid off first. While leaving the barn, the young boy, a little disgusted with his fathers explanation, saw the farm rooster doing its rooster duty with one of the hens. He promptly went over and kicked the rooster off the hens back, mumbling to himself. His dad asked, Son, now why would you do something like that? He didnt do anything to deserve that. The third son replied, Hey, nobody around here rides anything until that tractor gets paid off!

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