The Fowl-Mouthed Parrot!

A woman was walking down the street past a pet shop, and when she looked in the window there was a gorgeous parrot for sale with a sign that said $50.00.

She had always wanted a parrot, but had found them to be too expensive, so she rushed in and asked the proprietor, Why is this parrot so cheap?

Well, he replied, You see, that parrot was in a brothel for awhile, and learned some bad language, so nobody seems to want it.

How bad could it be?, the woman thought.
Finally, she decided to buy it anyway, as it was such a beautiful bird. She took it home in a cage and put it on the table.

The parrot looked around and said Awk! New House, New Madam!
Well, the woman thought, Thats not so bad.

Then the womans two daughters came home from school.
Awk!, the parrot said, New Madam, New Whores!

Well, that upset them a bit, but they tried to laugh it off, and decided that wasnt so bad either. Then the womans husband came home from work.

Awk! The parrot said, New Madam, New Whores, Same old faces! Hi George!

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