The Hunchback of Notre Dame is about to retire

The Hunchback of Notre Dame is about to retire, and has been notified by his bosses that he must first find a replacement bell ringer.

He places a notice in the Help Wanted section of the local paper, and one day an applicant climbs the stairs to the bell tower, in search of employment.

The Hunchback cautions him on the dangers involved in the job – mainly, that of slipping and falling to ones death while bell ringing. The applicant seems unimpressed by this, and explains to the Hunchback that he comes from a long line of bell ringers, and that his family uses a special bell ringing technique.

The Hunchback, eager to see this, asks him to audition. The applicant goes up to a large bell perched high in the tower, pulls it towards him, and smashes his forehead into it to make it sound. Dazed from the impact, he stumbles and falls from the tower to his death below. The Hunchback climbs down there to find a crowd gathered and a policeman who says, I see someone fell from your bell tower – do you know who he is?

The Hunckback replies, No, but his face rings a bell …

The next day, another applicant arrives for the job. It turns out this fellow is the brother of the one who fell to his death the other day.

In like manner, he demonstrates his familial bell-ringing technique, and he, too, stumbles and falls to his death below. The Hunchback again ambles down to check out the scene, where the policeman says, Hmmm. … another one … did you know him well?

The Hunchback replies, No, but hes a dead ringer for his brother …

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