The new Yeshiva student

As was the custom in the small town, the new student at the Yeshiva was invited to the richest merchants home for Friday night dinner. The new student was tall and handsome, the merchant had a pretty daughter, so as the Friday nights passed by, the glances between the young people got bolderand more passionate. When their love could no longer be ignored, the pappa invited the young student to his study for an after dinner liquor and conversation.

The pappa asked What are your intentions towards my daugter?

The student replied, Sir, I love your daughter and wish to marry her!

The pappa asked How do you intend to keep her in the style to which she is accustomed?

The student replied Sir, I will study very hard and the good Lord will provide

The pappa then asked again, But what will you do when the children arrive?

The student replied Sir, I will study even harder and the good Lord will surely provide.

So after the conversation ended, the mamma cornered the pappa and asked Nu, so how did it go?

The pappa answered Well, there is good news and bad news

So tell me said the mamma.

Well said the pappa The bad news is that he hasnt a penny to his name

So what is the good news? asked the mamma.

The pappa replied The good news is that he thinks that I am the good Lord!

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