The Re-Appearing of Jesus

Poza publicata in [ Foul Language ]

Three guys are sitting at the bar, when a stranger walked in and took a stool at the far end of the bar. The three guys were tranfixed on the stranger, who bear a striking resemblance to Jesus.

For quite a while they were speculating if in fact it was the Son of God himself. Finally Joe stands up and said he would find out for sure and walked down to the end of the bar, but before he could even open his mouth, the stranger said, you have had constant pain in your lower back for many years, and so I say unto you Be healed. Instantly the pain left his body. He ran back to tell the others. Tom said that it was bullshit and went down to the end of the bar, but again before he could say anything, the stranger said, since you were a child you have had an inferior left eye, Be heal and see the world the way God intended. Toms bad eye was seeing as well as the other. Both 20/20. He came back to inform the others. Mack just set there, well Im not going down there – come hell or high water. Just then the stranger started walking toward Mack. Finally he was less than ten feet away from him Mack yells out, Stay away from me you son of a bitch…Im on Disability.

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