The Top 12 Don King Pick-Up Lines

Viagra hairspray, baby. And theres plenty left.
How would you like a ringside seat for The Thrilla in My-Pants-A?
Your illustrious bustiness makes dinner a must for us.
If we indulge in a little depravity, youll see what other parts of me defy gravity.
The flamboycitude of the fracas shines on you mightily and aphroditely.
Baby, you even make my hair erect!
You know when Tyson was nibbling on Holyfields ear? I taught him that.
Baby, Id *love* to screw you — and I dont mean out of your money!
Is that a judge in my pocket or am I just happy to see you?
Honey, Im speechless!
Whats a spectaculastically beautimalicious specimen of pulchritudinally spectacular feminifiscence such as yourself doing in a libationally hellacious pit of despicablamous depravitude like this?

and Topfive.coms Number 1 Don King Pick-Up Line…

Hi, Sweetheart. Can I buy you a referee?

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