The Top 12 Worst Prom Themes

Hasta La Vista, Virginity!
Its 1999 – So Thats How Many Times in a Row Well Be Playing That Damn Prince Song!
Trailer Parks n Rainbows
Whitehead Wonderland
The Future is Ours! (As Long As Youre Popular, Rich and Attractive – Otherwise, Dream On)
The Blue Ball
Fun With Heroin Chic
The Final Confirmation Of The Absolute Stupidity Of Our Jock-Dominated Social Microcosm 99!
Balloons, Schmalloons – Its Still the Gym
Bulimia on Parade
A Night of Peach Schnapps Vomit

and Topfive.coms Number 1 Worst Prom Theme…

Night of 1000 Premature Ejaculations

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