The top 16 signs your lawyer isnt working out

  1. His idea of a key immunity deal involves penicillin shots.
  2. Open argument in which he called the prosecutor a Doo-Doo Head could hurt your case.
  3. Tries to cheer you up by saying how great you look in orange.
  4. In the middle of your trial, he crawls underneath the bench and actually tries to please the court.
  5. Uses rhyming couplets like Johnny Cochran, but they all end with Nantucket.
  6. Giggles hysterically at the mere mention of the Penal Code.
  7. Keeps trying to call a witness named Johnny, the Trouser Troll.
  8. A closer look at his diploma reveals its from Yale Lock School.
  9. The only question she can come up with during cross-examination is, Isnt it true that youre a lying bastard?
  10. Constantly raising objections to the vibes hes getting from the jury.
  11. Every time the judge sustains one of his objections, he screams, Yahtzee!
  12. Dental problem forces her to use short, concise sentences comprised of commonly used, clearly understood words.
  13. Instead of saying Your honor, I object, he now just rolls his eyes and says, Whatever.
  14. Claims staring at your cleavage is a necessary part of the discovery processes.
  15. Offers to waive his usual fees in exchange for your panties.

    and Top5s Number 1 Sign Your Lawyer Isnt Working Out …

  16. Nice breasts, Your Honor.

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