The Top 16 Ways to Annoy a Supermodel

Repeatedly ask, What was your last name again?
Ask her if shes going to finish that lettuce leaf.
Every week, adjust her scale to add an additional pound or two (Wait – thats the way to *kill* a supermodel).
Consistently baffle her with multisyllabic words and compound sentences.
Force her to share a runway with a 747.
Whoopie Cushion Shoulder Pads.
Taunt her with the Pythagorean Theorem and a slice of pizza.
Follow her everywhere, mumbling, Dont hate me because Im beautiful.
Make her wear that loose-fitting size 2 outfit.
Secretly replace her methamphetamines with new Folgers Crystals Methamphetamines.
Move fashion meccas from New York, Paris, and Milan to Newark, Vladivostok, and Anchorage.
Constantly demand a display of her Superhuman powers.
Tell her that global-warming will eventually lead to the erosion of collagen.
Before fixing dinner, ask her if shed rather throw-up meatloaf or throw-up spaghetti.
Keep asking, Are you the one whos married to Billy Joel?

and Topfive.coms Number 1 Way to Annoy a Supermodel…

Two words: CK wedgies.

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